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TARGETOPIA born with the goal of providing a unique formula combining technology, media, data and a talented expert team focused on providing good results.

We know that On the Online business that we love so much… When an advertising impacts over an out of target user…or because the impact takes place in a wrong contextual environment…or because it is not the correct moment for the user to be impacted…or because the format is not the correct one…we are generating a lack of effectiveness of the campaign and creating a bad image position of the brands! Effectiveness and good results are not the correct ones because the simple fact to be based on an uncontrolled model.

Being completely independent we work over real time programmatic buying environments focusing on delivering a true value offer based on high quality services and good campaign results.

UTOPÍA: “Representation of an ideal world that shows as an alternative to the actual world.”.

TARGETOPIA provides to the clients and ideal world as an alternative to the actual one based on buying the right audiences or TARGET on the correct web page, at the right time, with the right format,…monitoring all of the activity at a real time!

Do you want to know more? Contact us and we tell you our vision and strategy.