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What is Real Time Bidding (RTB)?

Real Time Bidding or RTB it is an advertising buying model on real time based on bidding for the ad space. This means, advertisers now have the chance to pay a price for each impression paying the right value at each time. This way you can choose to whom, when and where the ad space should be bought and the right price to pay for it.

Which are the benefits of RTB?

By using RTB you can impact a potential client, to choose the user to show our ads, personalize the message depending to whom we are communicating with. On Internet users are willing for a more personalized experience with advertisment. But it also offers the possibility for the Brands to choose when and where they decide to communicated with users to create a much more optimize manage of the investments on advertising. Conversion rate grows up to 150% by using RTB according to an Infectious Media study.

Why do I need a trading desk like TARGETOPIA?

TARGETOPIA bases his business model on providing management and optimization services for the advertising activity of its clients on internet by using a mathematical and programmatic ad space and qualified audiences buying system looking for better results. TARGETOPIA turns itself into an extension of the Marketing department of our clients being the specialists on the RTB discipline. Our unique approach in Data management and expertise on strategies building process on RTB makes us the perfect partners to join the programmatic buying journey.

It is TARGETOPIA a network?

No. TARGETOPIA gets connected to the available inventory on the AdExchanges looking for better results and performance out of it, making sure we impact at the correct users efficiently.

Is TARGETOPIA managing and developing technology?

No. TARGETOPIA is technology agnostic. We deliver agreements with all the main providers of the sector being able to decide which technology fits betters with the goals, targets and needs of our clients’ online advertising activity.