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Brand Protection

Advertiser in one way or another need to be have guarantees and be secure when their Brand image is at stake on a huge environment as Internet.

TARGETOPIA provides a number of technology filters that guarantees a 100% control of the site list and the visibility of the campaigns we manage.

AdCheckers: Allowing controlling web page content and address where the ad spaces are located including the visibility of the placements analyzing if the content represents a risk for the brands. A good example could be illegal downloading pages, pornographic contents, etc…

Contextual Control: Also controlling and managing ad spaces if they are located on web pages where the content is not appropriated for specific brands. A good example will be to control not to show ads of an airline promotional campaign when the content of the web page where the placement is located is referring to an airplane accident crash news.

SiteCheckers: TARGETOPIA controls that our clients campaigns will not be running on ad spaces located on web pages that we just don’t know.

TARGETOPIA allows buying on a programmatic way the ad space where we detect the right target for our clients?
YES. But using a safety and secured environment. Our clients deserve not to worry about this.