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On a constant changing and evolving environment as the Online Marketing market we consider essential to have a clear and transparent message to the market and to our clients of who we are and what we provide.

It is mandatory to have a core values that works as a foundation to ourselves of what we build as a services offer.

TARGETOPIA has his own identity created through a number of principles that we strongly believe and comes as a representation of our DNA. These values are the heart of our value offer.

We believe:

Talent @ the heart

That the Talent and the experience of our staff as a key of our offer. .

Brand protection

That Advertiser needs to have 100% guarantee of their brand safety on the online media environment.


That everything that we do is senseless if we cannot provide a positive return of the investment that we manage for our clients.


Deeply that information and the correct usage of the information are the key to achieve good results.


That is our duty to provide a secured ecosystem not only for the brands but also for the users by providing them all the information needed on how the data it is managed. Information that not always has being provided to them in the past.